Centurion Electricians

Our Centurion Electricians can handle anything that you may need to have repaired. For example if it is an electrical problem, or some electrical puzzle. Maybe you need a response from one of our emergency electricians. We see ourselves as the best electricians in Centurion.

The reaction car are fully loaded,therefore we can be as helpful as possible. We help you at any area in Centurion.

Meanwhile this team of Centurion Electricians, have had many years of experience. Building an outstanding reputation for the best and over the top workmanship. Our customer joy is guaranteed.

Above all the reasons,we can help you today! We are the best. Therefore, the client will not get left in the dark.
When the lights go you know who to give a call.

In the line of duty, we work around the clock 24/7. For instance, we come out anytime you call for an electrical emergency.

All jobs big or small, in other words, we can handle them all. Just give us a call on 012 383 2011.


  • No Power/No Hot Water
  • Burst Geysers
  • Fault-Finding
  • Borehole Pump
  • Swiming Pool Pump
  • Stoves/Oven
  • Electric Fence
  • Security Lights
  • Earth Leakage
  • Gate Motors
  • Plugs Industrial
  • Cameras

Electricians Centurion

  • Electrical circuit breakers that frequently trip, or fuses that blow too often. It could be time to hire an electrician in Centurion.
  • If the lighting in your house is flickering or dimming unexpectedly, especially when appliances are being used – then we’d suggest contacting Electricians Centurion.
  • Do you have power points or power boards that are overloaded and causing you trouble. It would be best to get the electrical wires analyzed by an electrician. An electrician can create additional circuits, and ensure that your electrics are safe and secure.
  • Need plug points changed or added to a property. Also, if you need lighting or switching to be installed safely and securely. We strongly advise using a qualified electrician, to install any additional plugs, switches or lighting.
  • Switches or power points that are warm to touch or give off a small electric shock when touched, then you should find an electrician in centurion near you.
  • Are you looking to get an electrical compliance certificate for your Centurion residential or commercial property?