Rapid Response

With a reaction time of no more than 2hrs, this service is a must for those currently sitting in darkness and wanting a direct answer to a faulty Lighting, Power Circuit, or other emergency. With clear hourly rates and well equipped vans and a dynamic and versatile approach to fault finding, just about all emergencies are completed under an hour of our engineer’s fault finding and solution.

Maintenance or Repair involves fixing and maintaining any type of mechanical or electricity device. Our repairs additionally include routine checks that keep the device in best operating functionality or prevents problems from arising. The actions include everything that is of all technical and maintenance actions like COC Certificate (Certificate of Compliance).

Preventative Maintenance

A well installed electricity system is relatively trouble free. But troubles arise. A sound preventative maintenance program will reduce the amount of failure. This section covers the basic elements of a preventative maintenance program. It also covers the elements of trouble shooting the problems that do occur. As the PCVs will stay only two years, the local workers must be trained to perform the maintenance and troubleshooting operations. This section of instruction also describes the preparation of operation manuals to aid the PCVs in this instruction. The activities of this section stress the learning of trouble shooting techniques. The PCVs cannot effectively teach the local workers if they do not have the skills themselves.

Electrician Worx

Some of the Electrical Services we provide

• Burst Geysers, No hot water
• Power Failure
• Fault-finding
• Stoves
• Earth Leakage
• Faulty Plugs & Lights

Pool Pumps

• Gate Motors

Wiring & Low Voltage Light

• Security & Flood Light

Whenever you need a reliable electricians Centurion to come to your home and help you in an emergency, contact Jacques at Electrician Worx any time of day for a call out service. We will do our best to reassure you in an emergency. Our specialized team of qualified electricians will help you in any situation. Our commitment to supply nothing but the absolute best is mirrored in our vision & mission statements. We exist thanks to our clients. We are terribly grateful to our customers who have made us what we are today. We currently try to take our organization to the next level so that we are able to serve our customers even better and still keep them totally satisfied. As an organization we are totally committed to providing the most effective possible service at every point to any or all our customers. It’s our sincere commitment that we would like to not simply meet our client’s expectations and it involves customer service & support. We strive to make sure that there’s absolutely no slippage in our client service. Therefore you’re free to contact us anytime and we greatly anticipate to serving you. Find us at ezsearch.co.za

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